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Office Furniture Brisbane

Lee Moore

Danny’s Desks and Chairs - New Office Furniture Brisbane Store

Located in inner-city Brisbane, Danny’s Desks and Chairs new office furniture show ... read post

Do sit-stand desks work?

Lee Moore




Sit-stand desks are the current trend in optimising workplace ergonomics with many raving about the benefits of frequent posture change. The question is, ... read post

The best office storage solutions

Lee Moore

Effective office storage solutions are the key to workplace organisation, efficiency and reducing workplace stress. They help to create an environment that is more conducive to daily business a ... read post

Are monitor arms useful?

Lee Moore

Monitor arms are flexible alternatives to monitor stands and are a common feature in the modern office. The question is, are they really useful and should you consider purchasing one for your o ... read post

How an office chair can help your posture

Lee Moore

The average Australian clerical or admin worker will spend 22hours in a typical week sitting whilst at work (Australian Health Survey 2011-2012). Episodes of prolonged sitting have been linked ... read post

Making your office ergonomic

Lee Moore

Ergonomics is the process of arranging workplaces, products or systems to fit the particular needs of the employee. It seeks to build an environment that betters performance, enhances productiv ... read post

How can furniture help workplace efficiency?

Lee Moore

It is well recognised that the workplace environment and furniture contribute to performance when it comes to productivity and creativity. With the number of average hours worked in Australia e ... read post

Things to Know When Fitting Out an Office

Lee Moore
Fitting out your office can be an exciting time, with the opportunity to create something aesthetically pleasing, efficient and reflective of your business. For many businesses it can also be a time o ... read post

7 Tips on how to pick the right office chair

Lee Moore

The average Australian clerical or admin worker will spend on average 22hours each week sitting whilst at work (Australian Health Survey 2011-2012). Prolonged sitting has been identified as an ... read post